Pray like never before! (EN)

Pray like never before! (EN)

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31 inspiring prayers for your everyday life

Have you ever made countless decisions to pray more, but you do not succeed? Do you long for a deeper relationship with our great God, but somehow it seems unattainable? If so, this creative prayer book is perfect for you!

“Hardship teaches you to pray!” is often stated and many people would agree with that. Because who can honestly say that they have never been in a difficult situation, maybe even one that has brought them to their knees, sending a more or less heartfelt prayer towards heaven? Prayer is more than just an SOS emergency call system to get in touch with God. Prayer does not have to be boring. On the contrary, it is one of the most powerful and beautiful things in our life with God!

In the following 31 chapters, Leo and Susanna Bigger will introduce you to different styles of prayer. A short introduction will always be followed by a practical exercise and you will be guided step by step through the respective prayer and given instructions. In addition to biblical passages and quotations, you will also find suggestions for further thought.

  1. Prayer for healing
  2. Fasting prayer
  3. Group prayer
  4. Intercessory prayer
  5. Prayer positions
  6. Victory prayer
  7. The Lord’s Prayer
  8. Prayer for wisdom
  9. Silent prayer
  10. SOS prayer
  11. Prayer for forgiveness
  12. Decision prayer
  13. Tabernacle prayer
  14. Dialog prayer
  15. Communion prayer
  16. Wave prayer
  17. Prayer for God’s protection
  18. Psalm 23 prayer
  19. Armor of God prayer
  20. Prayer of Brother Klaus
  21. Bible reading prayer
  22. Prayer for success
  23. Swiss Psalm prayer
  24. Prayer for relationships
  25. Prayer of blessing
  26. ABC prayer
  27. Prayer of repentance
  28. Prayer of lamentation
  29. Prayer with the names of God
  30. The five-finger prayer
  31. Listening prayer