Jacob (EN)

Jacob (EN)

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In his inimitable, fresh and joyful way, ICF Church founder Leo Bigger introduces us to Jacob, one of the three great patriarchs from the Bible. Here was a man who did many wrong things with a certain craftiness – and yet was allowed to experience an abundance of love and blessing from God.

Leo Bigger can draw on his own life experience, wit and wisdom when describing the career of this fascinating protagonist because Leo was not always straightforward himself. No, he went on some detours in life and knows about the trials, tribulations, and dry desert phases that life can hold. Despite this, he been able to turn the world upside down at the leader of over 50 churches throughout Europe in the past years.

In practical terms, Bigger encourages his readers not to give up in difficult times, but to work intentionally on their own character and put their trust in “God's map”. He calls us to trust God, who has an adventurous plan for every life, in small as well as large issues, and leads us to the goal in unex- pected ways.

We cannot overlook the fact that Jacob was a cheater. He stole the blessing of his father. But God stood by his promise to bless Jacob. The blessing was that he would continue the race that was to become the chosen people. He would keep the covenant with God and experience God's special care. That is exactly what happened! Jacob had loved the super-cozy life. Hotel Mama comfortable. But it became turbulent and he was right in the middle of it, and not just as a bystander – and yes, he liked this!


  1. A God of Generations
  2. Yes To Me
  3. Making Right Decisions
  4. Blessing Robbers
  5. Every Day Counts
  6. The Blessing Explosion
  7. Hidden Masterpieces
  8. The Option “However”

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