Rediscovering communion (EN)

Rediscovering communion (EN)

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31 practical tips for your time with god

Jesus celebrated Communion with His disciples and instructed them to continue this ritual. Two thousand years later, Communion may seem like a strange and confusing ritual to some of us. For others it has become merely a religious custom, as we overlook the greater meaning and secrets hidden within it.

"Rediscovering Communion" by Leo and Susanna Bigger is a practical and inspiring book that encourages you to deepen your daily time with God. It is suitable both for people who want to celebrate Communion for the first time and for those who want to deepen their experience of it.

With the 31 practical instructions, you will learn how to integrate Communion into your everyday life and discover how God's promises can become visible in your life.


  1. Freedom Instead Of Disappointment
  2. Hope Instead Of Frustration
  3. Hearing God's Voice
  4. Chances Instead Of Crises
  5. No More Worries
  6. Experiencing Miracles Every Day
  7. Protect And Keep
  8. Your Prayer Changes People
  9. Daily Fresh And Strengthened
  10. You Will See Miracles
  11. Fight Properly
  12. Prepared With Hope
  13. Life in Abundance
  14. Free Yourself From Toxic Behavior
  15. Trust Instead Of Revenge
  16. Forgiveness That Forgets
  17. This Is How To Pray For Healing
  18. Finding Inner Peace
  19. God Is Always With You
  20. Discover God’s Wisdom
  21. Experiencing God's Rest
  22. Let Go Of Your Anger
  23. Prayer For Your Country
  24. Work And Prayer
  25. A Balanced Life
  26. God's Presence Casts Out Fear
  27. God's Blessing In Your Finances
  28. Be Thankful In Advance
  29. Allow Obstacles To Collapse
  30. Gratitude Makes You Strong
  31. Flourishing Instead Of Comparing Yourself