Read the Bible like never before! (EN)

Read the Bible like never before! (EN)

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31 inspiring ideas to discover the Bible in a new way

Almost all of us have had some experience reading the Bible. For some it is truly enriching, but for others reading the scriptures is nothing but torture. Susanna & Leo Bigger have written this book because they are convinced that when God reveals Himself in the Bible, an encounter with Him is always beneficial, encouraging, and helpful. In the Bible, God reveals His heart and speaks to us directly. "Read the Bible Like Never Before" aims to support you with 31 refreshing ideas on how you can discover and read the Bible in a new way. In this book you are encouraged to get to know our great God more intimately and marvel at what He has already done and still promises to do in your life.


  1. Read the Bible like never before!
  2. How we understand the Bible
  3. Recognizing God’s names
  4. Drawing the sword
  5. Meditating the verses of the dayInspiration through images
  6. Reading by chance
  7. Bible reading plans
  8. Listening to the Bible
  9. Understanding the context
  10. Digging deep
  11. Cross-reference scavenger hunt
  12. Reading prayerfully
  13. Storytelling Bible
  14. When God speaks
  15. Reading together
  16. Studying translations
  17. Reading meditatively
  18. Bible outdoors
  19. Reading questioningly
  20. Researching the original text
  21. Reading with supplements
  22. Analyzing Bible texts
  23. Learning by heart
  24. Getting to know God as a friend
  25. Reading prophetically
  26. Immersing emotionally
  27. Bible quotes
  28. Painting the Bible
  29. Bible with a system
  30. History book
  31. Discovering truths