Live like never before! (EN)

Live like never before! (EN)

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31 inspiring ideas for a fulfilled life

For our lives, there is the perfect role model: Jesus. But following him is often easier said than done. What is really important in life and how can you actively chase it? Why does God give you so much personal responsibility and freedom? How can we become more like Jesus and live a healthy discipleship even years later? Leo and Susanna Bigger have taken a closer look at the five most important areas of life - faith, relationships, health, resources & work - through the lens of the Bible.The result is 31 tangible steps to help you live like never before! Are you ready to become more like Jesus?


  1. The power of small steps
  2. Great faith
  3. Living faith
  4. Healthy faith
  5. Courageous Faith 
  6. Sincere Faith
  7. Learning Faith
  8. Truly love
  9. Good Foundation
  10. Truly reconciled
  11. Valuable Friendship
  12. Healthy Emotions
  13. Fulfilling Sexuality
  14. Sincere gratitude
  15. Pleasant finances
  16. Learning generosity
  17. Excellent time
  18. Excellent skills
  19. Wonderful creation
  20. Joy in being active
  21. Joy in the job
  22. Joy in the evening after work
  23. Joy in responsibility
  24. Joy in serving
  25. Joy in designing
  26. Well rested
  27. Well nourished
  28. Moving well
  29. Feeling well
  30. Good balance
  31. Good habits